When it comes time to repair or replace a damaged part of your vehicle, leaving it in the hands of a technician is essential. But how do you know if you should take it to an auto body shop or an auto repair shop? And what is the difference between the two, anyway?

How Are They Different?

When it becomes time to repair your vehicle, you may think you need to head to a mechanic shop. In reality, this is not true. Many different types of auto repairs are broken down between an auto repair and an auto body shop. A lack of knowledge about the difference between the two can lead to bigger issues down the road. At Jerry Seiner Collision, we specialize in auto body repairs that are common to the body of your vehicle. Any major car work that results in engine diagnostics is done by an auto repair shop.

What Do Auto Repair Shops Do?

Auto repair shops are usually what many people refer to when referencing their car being in the shop. Auto repair shops work on everything that is considered mechanical on your vehicle. Whenever you are in an accident and notice a weird noise coming from your engine and even a leak, they would be your first stop for service. Not all auto repair shops can handle all your mechanical problems. In some cases, you may need to see a specialist.

Most Common Auto Repair

Brakes are one of the parts of your car that experiences the most wear and tear. The brake pads on your vehicle are pressed against the rotor which causes a lot of friction and the car to slow down or stop.

Oil changes

Oil changes are very important! To keep your vehicle running healthy, it’s very adamant to change your oil on a schedule and not to go over your due dates. Bad oil can cause your car to run badly and even overheat.

Engine Repair

The engine is the powerhouse of your vehicle. When the engine is performing perfectly your vehicle will run smoothly. When your engine is experiencing problems and you are unsure auto repair shops can run tests to diagnose the problem.

Part Replacement

Depending on the health of your vehicle some cars wear out more parts than others. Some of these parts are belts, pumps, batteries, and also starters. Replacing car parts is often a better option than repairing them.

What Do Auto Body Shops Do?

Auto body shops handle the exterior fixes of your vehicle. At Jerry Seiner Collision Center, we have everything we need to get you back on the road. Our trained technicians are very knowledgeable about auto body repairs and can perform them in a timely manner. We primarily specialize in repairing body panels, paint, and sometimes framework. We will also use quality OEM parts to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. 

Dent Repair 

If left unrepaired, dents and many other surface defects can cause the body of your vehicle to deteriorate over time. It’s best to address dent damage immediately after an accident so the auto body shop can fix it right away. The cost of the dent repair will depend on various factors.

Paint Repair

Paint and rock scratches happen often and are the reasons for rust and other underlying car damage. When left unattended, these issues can cause your vehicle to corrode and have long-lasting damage that can worsen over time. A Collision Repair Center repairs paint damage and give your car a fresh new look.

Windshield Repair

Most car collisions cause damage to your vehicle’s windshield, rearview mirrors, and window, leaving it shattered or with cracks and scratches. Windshield repair services can fix or replace any damage to ensure you can see clearly.

Bumper Repair

Damage to your bumper may be difficult to address since bumpers are made of different materials in many sizes. Our auto body repair shop can fix cracks, scrapes, and many other types of damage. We have the trained staff to effectively evaluate and repair your vehicle.

Fender Repair

Most fenders are made of aluminum, metal, or composite material, making fixing them a challenging repair. Luckily, a collision repair shop has the proper equipment to fix any damage to a fender regardless of the materials.