The 7 Most Common Auto Body Repairs at Jerry Seiner Collision

For many, having a safe, reliable car is essential. Whether you are taking your children to school, driving to work, or going on a road trip, it is always best to ensure that your vehicle is in its best condition. Car maintenance and repairs are an essential part of keeping your vehicle in good condition. Keeping your car in excellent condition can be tough because accidents can always happen on the road. The vehicle repair process can be tough and stressful at times, especially if you were involved in an accident. This is why our team at Jerry Seiner Collision Center is here to offer you an efficient and stress-free vehicle repair process! Our team is fully prepared to take on any auto body repair that your car needs. Here, we will go over some of the most common auto body repairs that our team is prepared for.

1. Dent Repair

From small indents to major structural damage, dent repairs are some of the most common auto body services. Dents not only impact the look of your car, but if gone untreated, the metal underneath your paint can be vulnerable to more damage or rust. Most car owners will overlook small dents, but it’s always best to have dents fixed as soon as possible, no matter how small they are. Dents almost always worsen over time, and even tiny ones can grow into structural damage. Our expert technicians can usually repair dents of many sizes, saving you time and money.

2. Paint Repair

We’ve all looked at our car and seen a scratch or chip in the paint that we hadn’t noticed before. Scratches and scuffs can make the car look bad and can worsen over time, depleting your car’s value and could potentially cost you more money in the long run. Even if you were in an accident that didn’t cause major damage to your car, your car’s paint could still be at risk. Our team can ensure that your car looks as good as new with our Auto Paint Process. When it comes to the paintwork on your vehicle, you want a professional painter to ensure your vehicle looks and feels the best possible.

3. Bumper Repair

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of accidents on the road and they usually result in dented or damaged bumpers. A bumper is the metal frame that covers the front and back of your vehicle. Most modern bumpers on newer vehicles are covered with a layer of plastic, which is usually the first part of your car to be damaged in these collisions. One big benefit for you is that most bumpers can be repaired without having to replace any parts, saving you time and money. Our team will do all they can to fix your bumper before they go about replacing any parts.

4. Fender Repair

People commonly call fenders and bumpers the same, but they are different parts of your car. The fender is the metal structure that frames your car’s wheels, but a bumper protects the front and back ends of your car. Although these parts are different, they can be treated in similar ways. They’re often the result of a fender bender or collision with a stationary object. In most cases, your fender can be repaired using specialized bending equipment and we’ll only consider replacement as a last resort.

5. Windshield Repair

Windshield damage is a common, yet often overlooked, result of auto collisions. Major accidents can shatter your windshield, which would obviously need to be repaired, but minor damage to your windshield should not be ignored. Minor windshield damage may not seem like a big problem, but it can grow into a larger problem if it is not treated. So, even if you don’t see any obvious signs of windshield damage after a collision, it’s a good idea to have it thoroughly checked to catch early signs.

6. Frame Alignment & Panel Repair

Any accident that causes damage to the side of your vehicle will impact the frame and panels of your car, in most cases. It is essential for the integrity of your vehicle and your own safety that you have the frame and panels fixed if they have been damaged. The frame of your car can easily become misaligned due to impact. Our Seiner team is trained to use specialized machines to realign your frame and conduct door repair and replacement if necessary. 

It is very easy to overlook a misaligned frame. A misaligned frame can cause damage to other areas of your vehicle over time if the issue were to be ignored over time.

7. Full Collision Repair

The last thing anyone wants on the road is to be involved in a serious collision, but accidents do happen. Serious accidents can be scary, threatening to your health, and expensive to repair. Not only are major accidents damaging to your own health, but it can be a real financial burden to pay for repairs. After major accidents, your vehicle might sustain intense damage to multiple areas, and its overall structure can be compromised. If you require extensive, full-body repairs to your vehicle after an accident, you’re not alone.

It will usually take some time to repair a vehicle after a major accident, which can be expensive and very inconvenient. That’s why we take the time to go over every last detail of the repair process so we can offer you an accurate estimate to help you plan. Most of the time, auto body repairs can be covered by your insurance. Our Seiner team will work on any make and model and will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you have a stress-free process.

Visit Jerry Seiner Collision Center For Your Auto Body Repairs

Our team at Jerry Seiner Collision wants customers who are “friends that last a lifetime”. We want our customers to be satisfied with their vehicle after it has been repaired. We understand that repairing your vehicle can be expensive, which is why we offer an online collision estimate tool so you can get an idea of how much it will cost before you even bring it to our lot! We hope you never have to experience being in an accident, but if you are, we are here to help you get back on the road in a safe vehicle!

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